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Imagining Orwell in Three Continents



by Julio Etchart.

A photographic travelogue exploring George Orwell's journey of discovery from his time as an imperial policeman in Burma in the 1920s to his adventures as a fighter against Fascism during the Civil War in Spain in the 30s, and his sojourn in Morocco, with excerpts from his writings accompanying the images.

Tales of Sin & Fury: Troublemakers



by Sonia Page.

In a wintry London just after Thatcher's fall, a group of friends revisit the triumphs and traumas of the 1970s, a decade that changed their lives as they tried to change the world.


Where the Dipping is Ripping: The Dorset Photographs of Joseph Robert Potts


where the dipping is ripping book

Compiled by Carlos Guarita.

Potts, a hitherto unknown photographer of early 20th century Dorset, gives glimpses of a world now lost with its traces of human endeavour, suffering and beauty.


The Spanner Experiment: Rediscovering two minor masterpieces of 1970s agit-prop theatre


Ernie with spanner

by Ernest Dalton.

'highly entertaining' 'a lot of humour and some real feeling... a little gem'.


Holy Trees and other Ecological Surprises


Holy Trees book - Lime Tree

By Lucy Goodison.

The untold history of a popular cult of holy trees which can be traced back more than 3,000 years and still survives in parts of Europe today.


Knowing How to Live or The Revolution of Everyday Life Part 1 An Illustrated Reader


The Revolution of Everyday Life

by Raoul Vaneigem.

This classic situationist text - which rails against the state of contemporary western society - is set against a series of original photographs.

Lady Chatterley's Defendant & Other Awkward Customers


Lady Chatterley's Defendant & Other Awkward Customers cover image

Essays by Horatio Morpurgo.

From Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books, to students kettled in Whitehall, Morpurgo celebrates the "awkward customers", expanding our vocabulary for social change.

The Domestic Theatre Handbook: Instant plays, anywhere, any time


beating The Habit

by Beth Shaw and Martin Bould.

Everything you need to know to bring impromptu theatre to your own home and community, with an A-Z of witty rhyming plays celebrating the seasons and great stories from literature.

Taking on the Empire: How we saved the hackney empire for popular theatre


The first Red Nose Day comedy bill

by Roland Muldoon.

How theatre group CAST saved an iconic crumbling East End theatre and made it home to ground-breaking popular political theatre, from New Variety to Jamaican farce via opera and a Hackney Hamlet. How for 20 years they held on in the face of establishment pressure before losing control.

Clarence Austin
The Photographer and the Bridport Wildcat Women



by Carlos Guarita.

A pre-WWI women's wildcat strike recorded by an unknown but gifted early documentary photographer: original research unearths a fascinating glimpse of Dorset social history.


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