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Holy Trees

and other ecological surprises

Holy Trees and other ecological surprises book cover by Lucy Goodison

This book tells the untold story of a popular cult of holy trees which can be traced back over 3,000 years and - despite official repression - survives in parts of Europe today.

How are we to understand this intriguing visionary tradition, and how is it reframed in contemporary experiences?

And in the context of today's ecological crisis, what are the new possibilities for our relationship with trees and with the natural world?

23 x 17 cm 248 pages

With 18 pages of B&W photographic and graphic illustrations.

  • Introduction: If God Were a Tree
  • Chapter One: Sacred Trees of Early Greece
  • Chapter Two: The Miracle Tree and the Apparition of the Virgin
  • Chapter Three: The Magical Staff and the Healing Bough
  • Chapter Four: Oracle Trees - Linking Past and Future
  • Chapter Five: Forces of Nature
  • Picture Source List
  • Index

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