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Where the Dipping is Ripping

The Dorset photographs of Joseph Robert Potts

Compiled by Carlos Guarita

Where the Diping is Ripping

Joseph Robert Potts is a hitherto unknown photographer who bore witness to lives and places in a corner of Dorset in the first part of the twentieth century. His black-and-white photographs circulated widely as postcards, documenting the county over twenty-five years.

His work might seem unremarkable compared to that of some other artists, but within its modest postcard format it gives glimpses of a world now lost, with its traces of human endeavor, suffering and beauty.

The annual Bridport Carnival; flooding in the town's slums; a shipwreck on the Chesil Beach; a thatched house on fire in a local village; a Friendly Society outing in another; all set against the backdrop of Wessex countryside and locations that can still be recognized today.

He also sometimes witnessed bigger moments of history: the Dorset Regiment in India during WWI; the Tolpuddle Martyrs centenary commemoration sites; and the funeral in Moreton of 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Until now his pictures have never been published as a collected body of work.

Publication date: September 2019

25cm x 20cm 108 pages

ISBN: 978-1-907 352-096

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