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The Domestic Theatre Handbook

Instant plays, anywhere, any time

The Domestic Theatre Handbook book cover

by Beth Shaw and Martin Bould

The Domestic Theatre Handbook contains an A—Z of witty rhyming plays based on well-known stories and characters, from Alice via Sir Gawain and the Suffragettes to The Prisoner of Zenda, with handy hints on writing your own plays and mounting impromptu performances for D-I-Y entertainment in homes, cafes, or community centres.

Domestic theatre means no stage, no learning lines, no rehearsal and no expense. Just chose a part, improvise a costume, pick up a script, and go with the flow — or join in as a member of the audience. The plays are short, with larger-than life characters, and bounce along in outrageous rhyming couplets.

Co-writers Beth Shaw and Martin Bould have been exploring this form of creative enjoyment for the last 20 years, and distil their experience and their favourite stories in this easy-to-use handbook.

23.4 x 15.6 cm, 369 pages.

Includes 8 pages of colour photographs.

  • Contains:
  • An A—Z of plays to photocopy
  • An easy guide to putting on a play in your own home
  • Ideas to spark your imagination
  • Guidelines for writing your own play
  • Tips for community settings.

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